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21 July 2012 @ 08:14 pm
A list of my Podfic (most recent at the top) is here under this cutCollapse )
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Notes: This is our entry to this year's pod_together challenge. We had so much fun playing with this! The A03 link goes to where you can stream the podfic and read the fic and our notes.

Cover by in_the_bottle

Title: From the Voicemail of the British Government
Author: lavvyan
Readers: podlizzie and in_the_bottle
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Summary: A week in the life of two of Mycroft's minions as they report to his voicemail.
Characters: OFCs, John Watson and Sherlock Holmes, implied Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Rating: PG
Length: 00:14:54 (without music), 00:17:57 (with music)

Links (archive):
With music: M4B (8.2MB) | MP3 (16MB)
Without music: M4B (6.8MB) | MP3 (13MB)

Links (pod together archive):
With music: M4B (8.2MB) | MP3 (16MB)
Without music: M4B (6.8MB) | MP3 (13MB)

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17 July 2012 @ 05:43 pm
I said I was going to do this aaaages ago and now I have. Also fills the "Crossover/Fusion" square for podfic_bingo.

Title: Human Again
Author: aralias
Reader: podlizzie
Fandom: Life on Mars/Doctor Who (Tenth Doctor) crossover
Summary: Sam finds a garishly wrapped box with an iPod in it outside his door on Christmas morning, 1973. What's especially mad is that the iPod isn't even his - it's filled with rubbish like The Scissor Sisters and McFly.
Characters: Sam Tyler, Team 1973, Ten, Simm!Master
Pairing(s): Ten/Simm vaguely implied; Sam/Annie recognised as canon
Rating: PG-13
Length: 0:16:50

Links (mediafire): mp3 (15.4mb) | m4b (7.91mb)
Links (archive): mp3 (15.4mb) | m4b (7.91mb)

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I'm at the podfic_bingo again and this one is for the "read deadpan" square. I had no idea what to do with this square, but then I noticed that there is a line in this fic that goes “Well, this sucks,” Martinez dead-panned. Yeah cop-out I know. I have been looking for an excuse to record a Chaos fic. :)

Title: A Lion Sleeps in the Heart of Every Brave Man
Author: starrylizard
Reader: podlizzie
Fandom: Chaos
Summary: Stuck in a less than nice situation, Billy tries to keep Martinez’ spirits up.
Rating: PG, Gen, h/c
Length: 0:9:38

Links (mediafire): mp3 (8.83mb) | m4b (4.7mb)
Links (archive): mp3 (8.83mb) | m4b (4.7mb)

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04 July 2012 @ 09:25 pm
I'm at the podfic_bingo again and this one is for the "random" square. In a delightful random turn of events, the wonderful hsavinien dropped by to give me blanket podfic permission just as I was wondering how to choose a random fic to pod. Her Sherlock fic got me in stitches, so I went with that and I hope you enjoy it. Thanks hsavinien! :)

Title: In a Car
Author: H. Savinien (hsavinien)
Reader: podlizzie
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Summary: Sherlock is very bad at driving.
Rating: PG, Gen
Length: 4:38

Links (mediafire): mp3 (4.25mb) | m4b (2.3mb)
Links (archive): mp3 (4.25mb) | m4b (2.3mb)

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Made for the podficbigbang. My longest podfic to date. Yay!
I've teamed up with joking who has recorded her own music for the beginning and end of the fic, so I advise you take the music-containing links for a treat! Thank you Joking! (I have also provided some links without music only because I know some people are fussy that way.) Thanks to dreaming_athena for the beta listen through. :D

Title: Leave the Signs and the Sirens
Author: out_there
Reader: podlizzie
Artist (Music): joking
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Summary: After John's released and back home at Baker St, Sherlock still feels it. Down the centre of his chest there's an ache like a healing wound. A physical awareness of a body he usually ignores as much as he can. It's psychosomatic, nothing more interesting than that. (Set directly after S1, and written without knowledge of S2.)
Rating: PG
Length: 02:34:54

The official podficbigbang post is HERE. (This link also has streams of joking's music if you just want to have a listen.)

m4b with music(70.17 MB)mediafire | bigbang site | archive
m4b no music (69.28 MB): mediafire | bigbang site | archive
mp3 with music (208.09 MB): mediafire | bigbang site | archive
mp3 no music (136.1 MB): mediafire | bigbang site | archive

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10 June 2012 @ 09:39 pm
So I'm playing podfic_bingo. No idea how this will go, but sounds like fun!

podlizzie's Podfic Bingo!
Read DeadpanNo EditingMixed MediaSlashCollaborate
PoetryCrossover/FusionRecord While Lying DownFairy TaleMinor Character
Read with SilenceRead Quickly (for you)Wild Card! (read drunkenly)Read SleepilyFemslash
Splice Fics TogetherDisabilityIncorporate Verbal Effects2+ Hours LongRead Slowly (for you)
HetChild CharacterRead a Fic ColdDifferent MediumRandom Fic
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I asked to pod these fics almost exactly a year ago. I even recorded them, but life got in the way and I forgot about them... sorry. I'm podficcing again now. Nice new living arrangements and nobody to stop me, so I finally remembered to come back and edit the recording and here they are. Better late than never, I hope.

Title: Echoes by Caffienekitty (Sherlock BBC) & Whispers by Chocolateteacup (Sherlock Holmes, Jeremy Brett version)
Reader: podlizzie
Characters: Two versions of Holmes and Watson (Watson's POV)
Spoilers: none
length: 38:30
Summary: There are places of such significance that they wear down the walls between worlds, but only on certain nights.
Rating: PG

Links (mediafire): m4a | mp3 | m4b podbook
Links (archive): m4b | mp3

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02 December 2011 @ 11:04 pm
Posting this one as part of podtor_who.

Title: Sure as eggs is eggs
Author: doyle_sb4 (Doyle)
Reader: podlizzie
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: The Doctor(9), Rose, Captain Jack, original alien character, an egg
Spoilers: Boomtown
Summary: The last of the Slitheen family goes home.
Rating: G
Length: 9:05

Links (mediafire): m4a | mp3
Links: (archive): m4b | mp3

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06 April 2011 @ 12:17 am

Title: Mr Bean has the ATA Gene
Author: starrylizard
Reader: podlizzie
Fandom: Mr Bean/Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Mr Bean, Dr Weir, OMC
Summary: Mr Bean just can’t resist touching the Ancient technology…
Rating: G – kiddie safe, Crack!fic!
Length: 6:55

Links (mediafire): m4b | mp3
Links (archive): mp3 | m4b
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