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Lizzie's podfic

Podficcing across the fandom!verse...

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  • podlizzie@livejournal.com
This journal is for my podfics. Full disclosure, my other username is Starrylizard and I often record my own fic when I'm bored and have no permissions from others. Podlizzie and Starrylizard were separated at birth and I've just left them that way.

You can leave feedback on any of my posts or email me at podlizzie@gmail.com

I would really appreciate any feedback on my reading. If there is anything I could do better to make it nicer to listen to, please let me know. Feedback of any sort, even just to let me know you've downloaded, is really appreciated. Really!

All podfic recorded by me, is recorded with permission from the author.

If you'd like to give me permission to record your fanfiction, please do so HERE.
If you'd like to request a podfic go HERE.